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HR departments do more than enforce policies and procedures. Successful HR teams strategically align the people strategy with the business strategy to achieve business results. We have learned, HR professionals are not often taught the people strategy side.

The Talent Optimization Program HR Office Hours provides you with weekly resources and monthly tools to learn, develop, and execute a fulfilling company culture where people are cared for and engaged.

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Hungry for HR resources and information that are actually useful? We get it.

At Elevated Talent Consulting, we have developed four unique HR professional development courses to help you navigate through the major functions of Human Resources from writing clear job descriptions to hiring the right person, all the way through reassessing and optimizing existing processes.

Join us for a free 4-week trial of our HIRE, INSPIRE, DESIGN, and ENGAGE Human Resource training courses. Sign up today and get access to specially curated, expertly crafted content including webinars, podcasts, worksheets, and even LIVE virtual Office Hours with our team of experienced HR professionals.

TOP HR Office Hours Program Offers

One Live Webinar Each Month

Office Hours with an HR Professional Every Monday

Community of HR Peers and Professionals

Free Monthly Resources to Use in Your Organization

An Online Portal to Help You Earn SHRM Professional Development Credits

Recently Covered Topics in our Weekly Office Hours

Building Teams that Trust and Support Each Other

  • Importance of trust
  • What prevents us from trusting others
  • Tools to build trust within your team

Diagnosing Organizational Challenges

  • Tangible ways to increase engagement
  • Using data to improve performance
  • Effective management techniques to increase engagement

Driving Sustainable Accountability

  • How to align organization goals and expectations
  • Minimize gaps of employee performance
  • Create stretch goals for employee development
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HR is legal and can feel icky – and humans often get lost in the compliance requirements. Let us give you HR tools and how-to's so you can get back to your day job.
Traci AustinChief Talent Officer, Elevated Talent Consulting

Talent Optimization Program HR Office Hours

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Traci and her staff have been great to work with and her office hours have been extremely helpful to get my HR questions answered while also learning about a topic that is always relevant.
Britten LangfossCertified Parts Corporation

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