The Predictive Index

Human Cognitive and Behavioral Science Meets Business Strategy

What Is The Predictive Index?

Take The Guesswork Out of Your People and Business Strategy

Comprised of a cognitive and a behavioral assessment, The Predictive Index tool gives us a holistic overview of the environment an employee will be their best, productive self. So, you can match the right employee to the right role.

Save time and stress by placing employees in the right roles without trial and error. And have confidence that the evidence of a person’s behavioral and cognitive traits matches the requirements of the job role.

Boost productivity

Assign responsibilities based on the strengths and capacities of employees.

Increase Flexibility

Utilize knowledge of unique attributes of people to form responsibilities based on business needs.

Build a Supportive Culture

More opportunities for healthy, productive interactions exist when employees understand themselves and their co-workers.

Scale your Business

Employees can self-manage themselves in the correct role. Then, with trust and stability, you can focus more on creating business results.

Applicants and employees take a brief quiz that generates reports about how they work best and interact with others in your organization.

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Clients Who Have Implemented The Predictive Index Reported

The Predictive Index enhances their hiring process98%
The Predictive Index helps to remove bias and subjectivity from their hiring process70%
The Predictive Index helped them achieve stronger employee engagement throughout their organization67%
The Predictive Index for coaching helped them develop better employees81%

Develop Incredible Teams

Leverage Individual Traits

A team will have contrasting roles but work as a cohesive unit moving towards one common goal. With Predictive Index, you know how to leverage the right people to create the most productive teams.


Leaders will learn to formulate, prepare, and execute ideas using each team member’s unique perspective and skillset. A clear vision contributes to a smooth working experience between leaders and employees.

Building Trust and Rapport

PI will let individuals know each other’s personalities and work styles. Understanding each other’s similarities and differences allows for quality communication and constructive conflict resolution.

Build Styles of Teams

The Predictive Index will visualize how each individual contributes to a team’s style. Various teams have different desired outcomes, so choose the right group type to steer the project in the right direction.

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Interview guide

The Predictive Index generates interview questions using applicants’ behavioral profiles to help understand the correlation between behavior and the job role.

Job Assessment

The Predictive Index visualizes job assessment needs and people profiles that are the best fit.

Management Strategy

The Predictive Index helps managers understand personality and behavioral relationships between employees. Helping foster positive relationships and provide constructive feedback.

Employee and Manager Development

Create self-awareness, help employees develop strengths, and understand how people want to be treated so you can efficiently coach.

Turn Your Company Culture into a Competitive Advantage

This tool allows us to create the capsules of success that fulfills employees in their work. Each person is unique but created perfectly as themself. The Predictive Index allows that light to shine through.

Try the Behavioral Assessment

The 17 different behavioral index profiles

Understand the drives and needs of your people


Intense, with high standards and a disciplined, reserved personality


Detail-orientated and conservative, with a preference for high quality and technical expertise


A highly precise worker, who remains skeptical while respecting authority


Results-orientated, innovative and analytical with a drive for change


Self-starting, self-motivating, and goal orientated risk-taker


Congenial and cooperative with an efficient, precise work ethic


Problem solver who likes change and innovation while controlling the big picture


Friendly, understanding, willing, and a patient team player


Innovative, outside the box thinker who is undaunted by failure


Risk-taking, socially poised and motivating team player


Casual, uninhibted, and persuasive extravert with a tendency for informality


Bridge-builder, comfortable with changing situations


Accommodating and analytical


Unselfish and approachable with a preference for detailed, skill-based work


Patient, conscientious, relaxed and cooperative team worker


Highly independent and persistent, while remaining results-orientated


Accurate, reserved, imaginative and seeks a high level of technical expertise

Each Reference Profile Will Help You Understand a Person’s:
  • Needs
  • Behaviors
  • Signature work styles
  • Strengths
  • Common traps
  • How to work well with each profile
The Predictive Index Gives a Manager Insights to:
  • Motivate and recognize
  • Provide direction and feedback
  • Delegate
  • Coach

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