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Have you ever hired for a skill set and fired that employee because of who they were? Too often we hire based on the “Briefcase”. These are the applicants resume, experience and education. The problem is that these are not predictive of work performance and only look at one element of the whole person. A whole person includes their head, their natural behaviors and cognitive abilities. Their heart – what drives them. This includes their values and the specific match to the culture of the organization. The Briefcase. This is the education, experience and resume that they bring to the position.

We believe that employers should know who they are hiring before they interview them and that they are a match for the job target. This is not the only piece of the puzzle, Yet, it allows the organization to see who the person really is and not just who shows up on the day of the interview.. This is where the Predictive Index comes in with three key steps to the recruitment process.


Have you ever hired for a skill set and fired that employee because of who they were?  Too often we hire based on the “Briefcase”.


Inspire your team by first being self-aware of their natural behaviors through the quick 6 minute behavioral assessment.


Predictive Index uniquely allows organization to align their people strategy with the business strategy.  The key here is alignment.


Curious what your employees think? Diagnose the win’s and opportunities in your organization to elev8Talent.

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