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Leadership Development Consulting

Do you have that employee that has all the pieces to lead and take an entire division or company to the next level, yet, just does not see how to put all the pieces together?
We all have blind spots. Yet, when working with a skilled coach backed by data analytics tools, leaders can learn self awareness to move to the next level personally, professionally and for the business.

HR Trainings

Human Resources Training and Tools

Are you looking for complementary tools online to build out a successful human resources foundation to support your business growth through compliant practices? ​If yes, click below to learn, via online classes, the key documents necessary to set clear expectations with your staff and provide the framework for a compliant program.

In addition, we offer a suite of services to meet you where you are at in your business to build your HR foundation in a way that works for you and with you. AND, you have access to certified HR professionals at your fingertips.

Online HR Training Programs

1. HR Foundation Package Library

Learn the key documents necessary to set clear expectations with your staff and provide the framework for a compliant program. These documents ensure you are creating the space in your small business for every employee, and you, to be fulfilled in the work that they do.

2. Foundation Basic

The Foundation Basic is a membership that provides all the tools, and how to’s you need to authentically build the HR infrastructure of your small business from the ground up!

3. Foundation Plus

The Foundation Plus provides the membership site AND a customized handbook and up to 3 job descriptions that include the voice of your business! Yes, your culture, your feel with all the legal fun built-in.

4. Foundation Elite

The Foundation Elite package pulls up the hood on the HR function in your business and provides a deeper dive into your specific business with 1:1 HR consulting.

5. HR Consulting Solutions Session

Do you have a specific barrier you’re seeking a solution for?

This may be attracting the wrong employees, lack of productivity, a culture that does not match your values, or the need to terminate an employment relationship. We’ll partner with you to authentically and confidently problem solve the issue.