We deliver world class consulting to elevate talent using the Predictive Index.

Ready to elevate your people’s natural talent by elevating your leadership?

Inspire your team by first being self-aware of their natural behaviors through the quick 6 minute behavioral assessment. This assessment allows the individual and leadership team to see what makes them tick and ways to engage in constructive conversations that increase employee engagement, fulfillment and work performance. Your managers can become leaders by understanding the platinum rule. Treat others the way that they want to be treated. We will train your managers on how to have these conversations by understanding their employees needs and their own. We teach curious questions and processes to engage staff at time of hire and throughout the employee life cycle.

Step 1: What Drives People

What Drives People. In order to elevate the talent in your organization we need to understand what drives people, including ourselves. As a leader, we need to understand the needs of the role, organization, personal needs and that of those that we have invited along on this journey, our staff. We use The Predictive Index along with customized workshops to grain insights into each individual on your team to inspire their creativity and unleash their best work.

Step 2: The “easy button”

Implementing the “easy button”. The Predictive Index provides several tools and guides backed by science that feel like an easy button. Key tools available include Manager Development Chart, Manager Strategy Guide, Personal Development Chart and 1:1 communication guide. These tools allow leaders to understand how their employees tick through their area’s of strength, cautions and area’s of growth. This insight allows leaders to practice the platinum rule while engage and inspiring their staff.

Step 3: High Performing Team

Have you ever wondered why some teams work so well together while others seem to get the project started and never finished? The next easy button is the Team Work Styles. This tool allows leaders to see how team members communicate, share ideas, make decisions and execute their work. In addition, each time a new person comes into the team, the team changes. Leaders will learn how to use this tool in the hiring process, during project teams and day to day work activities.

Workshop – Managing Teams to Perform –