To empower all, build trust, strengthen loyalty, and grow together

We will partner with your organization to level up your team and build trust and loyalty in an environment where every employee
can be successful. We will train you to use the tools and stand by your side through the entire learning process.
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Elevate Talent.
Optimize Results.
INSPIRE your people.

Disengaged employees and ineffective communication has a negative impact on business results.

INSPIRE is a 16-week online educational program to help you build talent pathways, develop leaders, and understand individual employee attributes and motivators. Using people metrics, drive employee progress with job progression, insightful awareness to manage people and teams, and optimize working relationships between employees. We provide the resources and tools that reinforce your company culture!

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Develop leaders

Equip employees with the skillset and tools to lead within your organization

Cultivate integrity

Develop systems and values that hold employees true to their word

Increase engagement

Find what makes your employees invested in your organization

Create a safe environment

Educate leaders and employees on asking the right questions to achieve results

Increase mobility

Orient and upskill employees in line with the direction of the company

Amazing feedback loops

Use data and the correct approach to constructive employee feedback.

The INSPIRE Program Offers

Weekly Group Coaching Lead by a Certified HR Professional

Weekly Video Lesson that Provide Training and “How-To” Examples

Structured Weekly Outcomes that are Attainable

Community of HR Proessionals Focused on Optimizing Talent

Tools to Promote Alignment Throughout the Organization

Overcoming Common Human Resources Challenges

Enter from Inspire outline

  • We teach you process implementation and the importance
  • HR professional support available weekly
  • Access to our Talent Optimization Foundation Membership Program

Lack of Strategy, Alignment,
and Accountability.

  • Build processes that are repeatable
  • Gain buy in from leaders on an HR strategy that achieves business results
  • Create clarity in role expectations and enhance accountability

Constant Compliance Changes and Requirements

  • Provide recent and relevant HR insights
  • Provide clarity on the most common hiring compliance misses
  • Resources that equip you with knowledge to train other leaders during the hiring process

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