Execute Strategy

Talent Optimization Series – Half day executive session

Successful strategic execution depends on leadership and talent alignment. When a leadership team is moving in the same direction and aligns team dynamics, culture, and organization with strategy, they eliminate the friction that impacts meeting strategic goals. In this executive session, leaders rally around well-defined strategic objectives, identify natural behavioral strengths and gaps, and take action to purposefully build a talent strategy that maximizes the odds of boosting performance and results.

Business objectives

Identify how the natural behaviors of your leadership team enable or challenge the successful execution of your strategy

Build a deliberate talent strategy that aligns leadership team behaviors, culture, and organization to deliver your strategic goals

De-risk the execution of your strategy

Experience a dynamic executive session

Each session is led by an expert consultant, using data, visualization tools, and effective facilitation to foster in-depth dialogue and action.

Sessions are uniquely tailored to each organization and leverage data from their Strategy Assessment and Behavioral Assessments.

Sessions focus on building agreement and confidence on business strategy and taking concrete action to develop a talent strategy that supports strategic initiatives.

Immediate impact

Build and confirm agreement in the business strategy with the senior leadership team. Leverage your leadership team’s natural strengths to execute your strategy successfully, and address any alignment gaps. Identify talent execution risks that may otherwise affect your performance and develop concrete plans to address them


The senior leadership team and their direct reports (“SLT+1”)
Optimal session size is up to 20 participants

Transform your talent strategy

Contact your PI Certified Consultant or Customer Service Manager for more information on scheduling a session.

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