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What Drives Your Employees and How To Inspire Them

August 10, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Do you ever wonder why some staff is “easy” to connect with and provide direction to while others are not? What if this had nothing to do with good or bad and everything to do with how they and you are naturally wired? Think about a specific project that your team was able to complete quickly, efficiently and at an incredibly high level. Yet, another project everyone on the team struggled to complete, including you.

Three Key Takeaways from this webinar:
1) How are natural behaviors predict job success
2) What communication has to do with employee engagement 3) Connecting your people strategy to your business strategy to increase results

Organizer: Traci Scherck & Jayme Durke

Organizer of What Drives Your Employees and How To Inspire Them

Traci Scherck, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Traci is a dynamic, thoughtful and innovative HR professional that is committed to partnering with organizations to create a culture to tHRive.  Traci marries her experience, passion and knowledge to create simple structures that foster collaboration and teambuilding with compliance to serve internal staff. Outcomes include increased employee performance and organizational profitability.  When she is not serving organizations, you can find her near a lake or a river enjoying the sun and nature. Traci lives in Southern Wisconsin with her husband, two teenage boys and two newfoundland’s.

Scherck Consulting 

At Scherck Consulting, we believe that every individual has a right and a choice to be fulfilled in their work.  Our firm’s goal is to ensure your organization has the processes and tools in place that maximize employee productivity and engagement. We partner with businesses to solve people challenges while ensuring you are in compliance. We learn your needs and customize a project and provide ongoing support that cost-effectively serves your business.

Jayme Durkee

Jayme leads individuals and organizations on the journey to effect massive change through simple and effective strategies. She excels at getting to the root cause of issues and rebuilding the systems and processes that hold us back from making a massive impact. An expert at honing in on the next best step and clearing away the distraction, Jayme’s background in corporate IT, healthcare and the law equips her with the unique ability to maintain a big picture understanding while also diving deep into the details that matter. She offers coaching and consulting services to individuals and businesses, including private 1:1 sessions, corporate trainings, and workshops. She lives in Rockford, Illinois with three rambunctious boys and enjoys every moment she can sit at the potter’s wheel.


Traci Scherck & Jayme Durke