We deliver world class consulting to elevate talent using the Predictive Index.

The Key To Diagnosing

Three steps to understand what we can celebrate and what we need to spend some time cultivating and growing to meet the objectives outlined in our business strategy. The key to diagnosing any problem is to create the trust with the stakeholders to truly share what it is that is working and not working. Three steps

Step 1: Employee Experience Survey

This survey looks at the four key drivers to disengagement: Job fit, management, team and culture. When we can clearly see what teams are thriving at a department and location level, we can better assess the strengths and opportunities. We then find out who our culture champions are and who we need to support to reach their potential, if they chose to.

Step 2: Coaching

We believe that every individual has a right and a choice to be fulfilled in their work. As leaders, we know that we must be self-aware and pay attention to the areas where we are not hitting the mark. Having a coach that sees us bigger than we see ourselves, allows us to step into the reality and thrive in our culture while creating a positive and engaging environment for our team.

Step 3: Engaging the team

As a team we become a stronger than we are individually. This workshop helps managers understand and interpret team reports, prepares managers to lead their teams and coaches them on the conversations needed to execute the strategy.

Everything we do at Elevated Talent takes the insights from the data and puts them into action so that your organization can achieve the results you seek!