People and team strategies for achieving business goals

A program to show you how you can leverage individual strengths, build strong teams, and use the power of projects to excite and engage employees for the future.
Together let's create clarity for your organization and drive progress forward
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Elevate Talent.
Optimize Results.
Align Your People Strategy.

DESIGN is a 4-week online educational program to help empower your people and teams. Together lets develop systems that plan for the future, build a project structure where employees use their unique talents, understand how individuals fit within team strategy, and reach organizational goals by learning and utilizing individual and team strengths. Encourage lasting engagement in an exciting, purpose-driven environment when you have people and team compatibility that supports long-term organizational growth.

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Business Strategy

Develop an authentic, well-understood business strategy that helps guide each team and employee in their work

Core Values

Establish appropriate core values that drive decision-making towards the desired business goals

Understand Dynamics

Understand, balance, identify gaps, and make decisions based on business goals with employee and team dynamics

Procedure Analysis

Create action plans to encourage behaviors and actions of employees that support business goals

Plan for the Future

Review and create a people strategy that will allow your business to scale and compete in the future of your industry

Teams and Projects

Intently build cohesive teams that utilize individual talents to face any project confidently

The DESIGN Program Offers

Weekly Group Coaching Lead by a Certified HR Professional

Weekly Video Lesson that Provide Training and “How-To” Examples

Structured Weekly Outcomes that are Attainable

Community of HR Proessionals Focused on Optimizing Talent

Tools to Promote Alignment Throughout the Organization

Overcoming Common Human Resources Challenges

Unclear and Undefined Processes

  • We teach you process implementation and the importance
  • HR professional support available weekly
  • Access to our Talent Optimization Foundation Membership Program

Lack of Strategy, Alignment,
and Accountability.

  • Build processes that are repeatable
  • Gain buy in from leaders on an HR strategy that achieves business results
  • Create clarity in role expectations and enhance accountability

Constant Compliance Changes and Requirements

  • Provide recent and relevant HR insights
  • Provide clarity on the most common hiring compliance misses
  • Resources that equip you with knowledge to train other leaders during the hiring process

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