We deliver world class consulting to elevate talent using the Predictive Index.

Predictive Index uniquely allows organization to align their
people strategy with the business strategy.

The key here is alignment. Is your leadership team aligned on what the top priorities are for this year and several years out?
When the leadership team is aligned and moving in the same direction, they are leading the rest of the team on the journey with them, with clarity.

Step 1: Alignment

We all agree that we are going on vacation. Yet, where exactly are we going? This is the same in the board room. We agree that we are focusing on key initiates, yet, what does that exactly mean? Through the PI Strategy Assessment, we will align the leadership team into agreement on the key strategy for the organization over the next year. This is a can opener for conversations that must happen to develop trust among the key leadership team.

Step 2: Clarity

Each person has key strengths. Yet, many times we do not publicly share what are strengths and opportunity areas are. This step of the process bring clarity to what we as a leadership team can truly accomplish. Using the PI Strategy Assessment, we will gain confidence scores in key strategy areas to know where to focus next.

Step 3: Filling the Gaps

Utilizing the strategy assessment leadership chart, we are able to see where we have holes in our behaviors to effectively execute the strategy. We can quickly see where we may need to elevate others into a role to execute this strategy with confidence.

Training: Execute Strategy with Confidence