Build a hiring strategy to optimize talent inside your organization

Do you have a solid process and hiring strategy to place the best people in every role of your organization to meet and exceed your business outcomes?

HIRE Course - Employment Law 101: Key Laws to be Aware of

Yes, you have a requirement to know the law! Employment laws. For CEO’s and HR leaders, these are extremely important to know and abide by for your organization and employees. In this course we will learn all about the fundamental federal laws that govern HR compliance, employment laws in practice, and red flag scenarios to watch out for.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Learn fundamentals of federal laws such as EEO, ADA, Title VII, FMLA, and more, along with how to practice compliance with each of these
  • Identify Red Flag scenarios in the workplace and how to maneuver through these tricky situations
  • Review key documents such as handbooks, training documents, and employee forms and update them for compliance

HIRE Course - Audit & HR Infrastructure

Human resources is necessary for any organization to meet business results, drive strategy, and maintain compliance with laws and regulations. This vital part of your company is responsible for the hiring process, company culture, building relationships with employees, and everything in between. To put it simply – an efficient HR department helps your organization to thrive.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Discover the functions and framework of the human resources ​
  • Understand and carry out a human resources audit​ in your organization
  • Learn what talent optimization is all about and how to conduct an audit to uncover the head, heart, and briefcase of your employees​

HIRE Course - People Strategy: Bridge Between the Business Strategy and Business Results

Whether you are a CEO or HR leader, we all want business results. In order to get those results, we need to find a way to align them with our business and people strategy. It is important that our employees are feeling motivated to hit performance targets and realizing their purpose in their organizations. With clearly defined strategic goals in your organization, you and your team will recognize their purpose, and work harder towards the business results.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • The importance of mission, vision, & values​ and how to align them to your culture
  • How a business strategy is a roadmap to your people strategy​
  • What business results may indicate about our strategy
  • How to create a people strategy that aligns and bridges your business strategy to business results

HIRE Course - Creating Your Organizational Culture By Design

When we say our organization has a strong culture, what do we mean by that? If you asked your employees, would they know? In this course, we will teach you how to develop a positive culture in your workplace. We’ll learn how to hire for the culture you want and create cultural interview questions that allow you to identify which candidates fit the needs of your team.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • What an organizational culture​ is (and what it isn’t!)
  • How to hire for the culture you want​
  • Cultural interview questions​ that identify and personify the ideal candidate
  • Framework for creating your cultural interview questions​
  • How to create your ideal workplace culture

HIRE Course - Defining the Role: Job Description

What do you look for when you are applying for a job? Job descriptions are some of the most important tools and roadmaps for candidates to gauge their capabilities with the role. They are also important from a structural and legal standpoint. That is why in this course, you will learn how to ensure your job descriptions exceed expectations and create helpful roadmaps for your candidates and employees.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Creating a Job Description ​that is detailed, compliant, and goal oriented
  • Strategies for creating and updating job descriptions
  • Aligning and communicating job descriptions​
  • How to draft the ideal job description

HIRE Course - Defining the Role: Job Assessment

What are job assessments and why do we use them? They are certainly not used to scare our people away, yet it’s our duty to make sure our business results are being met by the people we hire. The purpose of a job assessment is to ensure that we identify the needs of the role and that there is alignment between the needs of the person doing the job and the needs of the organization. How can we account for the wants and needs of all of these moving parts? With a job assessment of course!

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • What a job assessment​ is and the value of it in your organization
  • How to conduct a job assessment​ to align and deliver business results
  • Calibrating a job assessment​ to the job that needs to be done

HIRE Course - Creating Your Compensation Plans

It’s simple. Your employees work and they get compensation. But what about hourly, salary or commission employees? Do they all get paid the same? Maybe it isn’t so simple… A compensation plan is vital to support important components of your business. This will help establish the importance and impact compensation plans have on a business, and ensure the right people are involved in developing them.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • To create compensation plans that impact
  • Perform competitive market research
  • To create your base pay structure

HIRE Course - Marketing for Recruitment: Creating the Employee Value Proposition

CEO’s always want the job done. But what is the job, and how do we find the right the person to get that job done? One of the most important aspects to building an efficient team is understanding who they are and how they work.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • People Strategy – How do we define the job that needs to be done and the right person to do it?
  • Employee Value Proposition – Why should people work for our organization?
  • What story do you want to tell as a business?
  • Choosing how you want to tell your story

HIRE Course - Annual Recruitment Plan

How do we consistently find and attract job hunters to our organization annually? Do not worry, we’ll tell you how! The answer is… an annual recruitment plan! This is extremely important to develop in your organization to align business strategy and hiring resources with long-term staffing needs.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Aligning organizational strategy
  • Turnover metrics
  • Creating an annual recruitment plan

HIRE Course - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Hiring: Policies and Practices

As an HR leader, ask yourself: “Is our hiring process equitable to all applicants?” “What don’t I know about our hiring process?” It is vital that we find an answer to these questions, as well as figuring out how to incorporate these practices into the organization.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • What is DE & I and how are you able see it in your workplace?
  • DE & I metrics and what to measure from your employees
  • Aligning DE & I goals to your business outcomes

HIRE Course - Candidate Identification

A candidate is much more than their resume and cover letter. What do they bring to your organization and team? Do you truly know your candidate? It is extremely important that hiring managers understand who their candidate is on a deeper level than their previous work experience.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Candidate Journey – what is the experience or process you want the candidate to have while moving through your company?
  • How to align job advertisement to candidate identification
  • Candidate Assessment – Job knowledge, skill, physical strength, personality, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability
  • Assessment Plan

HIRE Course - Search: Casting the Net

Why is it that candidates feel drawn to your organization? Could it be how you talk to them? Where you post your job openings? Or employee referrals? The answer is yes, to all of those. An expansive recruitment plan is crucial in finding a large amount of solid candidates to fit the role you want to fill.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Sending the SOS – The heart, head, and briefcase
  • Sourcing candidates – Goals and investments and creating candidate profiles
  • Employee Referral – Why they are important and how to create your referral program

HIRE Course - Interview Process Setup

It’s here. Time to interview your candidate. Do you have all the right questions you want to ask them? Are you sure? To ensure that your interview process is efficient, this course is designed to give you everything you need to setup the perfect interview!

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Types, styles, and purpose of interviews
  • Interview Questions – How you ask, types of question (culture and team)
  • Question and scorecard customization
  • How to set up the interview process

HIRE Course - Conduct the Interview

In order to get the most out of your interview with your candidate, you need to know how to properly conduct an interview. This is one of the most important components when making your hiring decisions and finally selecting the right candidate for the role.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Questions to ask and questions to avoid during the interview
  • Taking notes throughout the interview
  • How to come to a hiring decision

HIRE Course - Creating Impactful Offers

You have completed your hiring decision and selected the right candidate for your team and the role. Now, it is time to officially offer them the position in writing, or officially known as, the offer letter.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Key components of an offer letter and who is involved
  • Preparation of the offer letter by position
  • Follow-up process

HIRE Course - New Hire Paperwork

Yes! You got the perfect candidate for the role you have been needing to fill. Now it is time for paperwork. This is an essential component to onboarding new hires into your company. If you are unsure about the correct paperwork to provide your new employee, do not worry, in this course we will look at the importance of new hire paperwork, how to create it, and how to implement it.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Making sure your documents are in compliance with laws
  • Recommended Items
  • Organizational culture items
  • Specifics based on state or locality

HIRE Course - Pre-Boarding: That Time Between the Offer and First Day

What happens during the time between the offer and the employee’s first day of work? *Crickets* We’ll tell you exactly what happens, AND show you how to set up an efficient pre-boarding system.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • The new hire process – pre-boarding, orientation, onboarding
  • What must be done between the offer and first day
  • How and why to complete introductions to the team

HIRE Course - New Hire Orientation

How do we make our new employees comfortable with our team and organization? Orientation! This is one of the most important processes that introduces an employee to their workspace, team, and new role. This course will cover everything you need to create a successful orientation process!

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Set up the new hire process
  • Assemble certain departments to go over different processes of orientation
  • Create a repeatable roadmap for future employee orientations

HIRE Course - Employee Onboarding

How is your new hire fitting into your organization? How do we ensure that they are feeling comfortable and ready to be successful as they move forward with their job? These are the types of conversations we need to have with our employees to ensure that they have a successful onboarding experience. 

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Align expectations, reality, and outcomes
  • Coach for success
  • Integrate your new hire into your organization and team
  • Establish onboarding goals

HIRE Course - Orientation Buddy Program: Increasing Retention by Design

As a new employee, we all enjoy having a buddy with us at work! Especially one who is experienced and can help us along the way. Which is why your organization needs to implement a new hire buddy program. This program pairs a new employee with an experienced staff member in the same department, starting from the first day, through day 90. In this course, we will be looking at how to create the most efficient buddy system for your new employees.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • New hire buddy program – built in guidance to success​
  • Creating your program​
  • How to implement the program in your organization​

INSPIRE Course - Power of Documentation

A great offense is the best defense. Documentation is great offense. Yet, why do we do such a poor job at it? We don’t know how to do it properly and it seems like




Well – let’s simplify it in this course

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Formal Documentation
  • Informal Documentation
  • How to Document with Intention

INSPIRE Course - Succession Planning and Mentoring

How does your team grow? They grow in various ways AND as organizational leaders; we need to plan for their growth and the organizational needs. This is where formal succession planning and mentoring programs into play. Join us in this course as we discuss what they are and how the serve the organization and staff learning and growing into additional roles and responsibilities.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Succession Planning
  • Mentoring new leaders
  • How to implement the program in your organization​

INSPIRE Course - Discipline that Engages

Do you ever wonder why folks cannot do what they have been asked to do and agreed to do? Yet, as leaders we create the environment in what behaviors we allow and do not allow in our organizations. “Hard” conversations and accountability are key to ensuring that your organization and the people in it are performing. In this course we will chat about accountability, discipline and creating happy alumni.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Address performance
  • Deliver accountability
  • Learn how to implement discipline that engages

INSPIRE Course - Goal Setting

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” —Albert Einstein

In this course we will be setting organizational, department, team and individual goals.  We will dive into why goals need to cascade and the power of sharing goals with others!

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Set clear expectations
  • Align goals and performance
  • Create goals that align with the organization and the individual

INSPIRE Course - Manager Performance Conversations

“Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.”

Zig Ziglar

In this course we will start the annual performance process with the manager conversations. We will dive into the relationship between the manager and employee and how accountability and goal setting impact great performance.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Engage performance conversations
  • Address well being
  • Inspire with accountability

INSPIRE Course - Annual Performance Review

Annual Performance Reviews


Forced feedback… telling you all the things you are doing wrong…



Nope – Not today!

Today we will create the written performance review that allows staff to grow and you to see where you are at as a leader.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Performance review alignment
  • How to write performance reviews
  • Create Performance Feedback Loops

INSPIRE Course - Building Trust to Inspire

Is trust given


Is Trust Earned

In this course we will define the impacts of trust and how to build it within the organization.

Key outcomes from taking this course
  • Learn the basis of trust
  • How to be your word
  • Build a culture of trust

What we offer in our courses:

Support for your course implementation with guides and templates to answer your key questions.

Lessons on how to create a solid HR Foundation.

Structured Outcomes that are Attainable

Self-directed courses to allow you to learn at your own pace.

Tools to Promote Alignment Throughout your Organization

Creating a Human Resources Foundation that Transforms your Organization

Aligned business strategy and people plan

  • Repeatable processes that result in the right person in the right role
  • Employee’s and managers know what winning looks like at the date of hire
  • Create clarity in role expectations and enhance accountability

Clearly defined HR processes

  • You will learn best practice processes, be given templates and have discussion around why those processes are important and the business impact.
  • Provides questions to ask senior leadership about processes to ensure alignment with business strategy.
  • Processes to create an “easy button” for HR, Leadership team and staff. 

Compliant and relevant HR foundation

  • Provide recent and relevant HR insights
  • Provide clarity on the most common hiring compliance misses
  • Resources that equip you with knowledge to train other leaders during the hiring process

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each course?

Courses can be completed at any time at your own pace. However, they are designed typically to be completed within a week.

I want to learn more! When will the HIRE program start?

Doors open for the next cohort in July, and the program officially starts with a Q&A call on July 11th, 2023. Each course that you purchase now may be used as credit towards the program.

Is the course in person, online, or hybrid?

Each course is asynchronous and can be completed online at any time.

Are there payment options?

Each course is $600. However, this can be applied as credit towards your purchase of any one of our program cohorts (HIRE, INSPIRE, DESIGN AND ENGAGE)

What exactly do I get when purchasing a course?

You will receive the following with the purchase each course:  

  • 3-5 video lessons ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes 
  • Implementation guide for you to take notes, work through concepts and gain clarity on the material 
  • Templates for you to implement into your business.  Examples include:  People strategy, Employee Value Proposition, job description, job assessment, salary structure, job advertisement, diversity Equity and Inclusion tracker, email & text swipe files for applicant tracking system, orientation outline, onboarding program template, email swipes to the leadership team and team members, and so much more!
  • Access to recorded webinars and grouped podcasts that provide you with SHRM PDC’s 
How will this program impact my organization?

This program has saved thousands of hours of time in implementing a compliant and transformational HR department that delivers on business outcomes.

Is this program eligible for SHRM PDCs?

Yes, all our our training programs are eligible for SHRM PDCs, provided upon completion of the program.

I have to get approval from my manager, can we chat?

Of course!  You can schedule a time with Traci to determine if this is the right program for you here. 

What our clients are saying:

We implemented the HIRE program into our business and have not looked back. HIRE provided the footprint to implement processes and develop strategy that aligned with our business goals. We are committed to having our team helps us achieve our business outcomes. The HIRE program allowed us to implement a positive cultural transformation within all levels of the business. This is key to our future success.
April Moldenhauer, Director of Human ResourcesAmwood Homes, Inc.
Traci and the team are very knowledgeable and for someone like me who is new to Human Resources, the program shows me the correct way to do my job and how to do a lot of new HR tasks going forward.
Jena Peschang, HR AssistantMid-States Concrete Industries
Overall, the HIRE program is highly beneficial and super informative, yet it goes quick.
Andrea Grant, HR & Purchasing SpecialistJackson's Chips