Episode 173: Strategic Hiring: Unlocking Organizational Growth


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A well-defined talent strategy is essential to guide organizational growth. Are you approaching your organization’s growth with a people strategy that actually aligns with your business outcomes? How can you shift your team’s trajectory from frustrating wheel-spinning to soaring productivity?

As a recognized talent consultant, Traci Austin has developed a proprietary people strategy roadmap that aligns business goals with strategic staffing and employee development. The framework involves creating a thorough staffing plan that anticipates talent needs throughout each stage of the business and provides a nurturing applicant and onboarding experience. By strategically planning staffing and training and offering career progression opportunities, companies can create a motivating environment where employees thrive and business outcomes excel.

Tune in to this episode of The People Strategy Podcast as Traci Austin, the Owner and Chief Talent Officer at Elevated Talent Consulting, is interviewed by co-host Chad Franzen of Rise25 about developing a refined people strategy roadmap for your organizational growth. She shares the components of an effective people strategy, how to align finances with staffing and growth objectives, and the impact of strategic staffing plans on team dynamics.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

[2:55] What is the people strategy roadmap, and how can businesses implement it?
[5:06] The key elements of an effective people strategy
[8:15] How to provide a positive applicant experience throughout the recruitment journey
[11:11] Financial strategies for staffing and organizational growth objectives
[14:16] Elevated Talent Consulting’s people strategy staffing plan
[18:44] Analyzing people strategy outcomes to achieve strategic goals
[23:24] The impact of strategic staffing plans on team dynamics

Quotable Moments:

  • “Every employee can find fulfillment in their work while achieving business outcomes.”
  • “When we offer folks careers on exactly how they can grow within the organization, we’re setting that people strategy roadmap.”
  • “Do you know who you need, in what seat, and when?”
  • “We’re not running against a wall consistently; we’re actually working harder or easier to get a better outcome.”
  • “It’s when we don’t plan for the right people at the right time in our organization that it creates additional stress on key members.”
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Action Steps:

  1. Review and align your business strategy with your employees’ individual development goals to enhance engagement and productivity: Aligning the two ensures that employees are working towards their personal growth while contributing to the company’s success.
  2. Create a clear and thorough staffing plan that anticipates hiring needs throughout the various business cycles: As Traci Austin illustrated with her client examples, understanding your hiring needs in advance prevents last-minute, less-than-ideal hiring decisions.
  3. Develop a structured onboarding and training program to offer a positive applicant experience: A positive onboarding experience increases employee retention and performance.
  4. Implement a financial strategy that accounts for staff training and development, especially during low cash flow periods: Financial planning for employee development can prevent training gaps that may otherwise hinder business outcomes.
  5. Design a “career ladder” within your organization to provide employees with clear growth paths: Offering career advancement opportunities motivates employees and aligns with Traci’s advice on retaining talent and cultivating a productive workforce.

Traci AustinTraci Austin is the Owner and Chief Talent Officer at Elevated Talent Consulting, a certified woman-owned HR firm. As an HR professional and chief strategy consultant, she has over two decades of experience creating and building HR departments for small businesses. Traci specializes in employee development, consulting, and coaching and creates fulfilling work environments that align employee aspirations with business goals. She also hosts The People Strategy Podcast.

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