Episode 171: Gaining Confidence and Competence in First Times

From onboarding new hires to building a culture of accountability and confidence, Traci Austin delves into the intricacies of leadership in this special solo episode of the People Strategy Podcast. Traci, the Chief Strategy Officer at Elevated Talent Consulting, shares her top three insights from her conversation with Adam Gruszcynski from Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, which touch upon the importance of clear communication, team engagement, and defining organizational success. Through an engaging personal story about learning to back into a parking stall, Traci illustrates the four types of coaching methods and how they apply to leadership development, confidence, and competencies.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Key takeaways from Adam Grazinski’s insights on onboarding and leadership
  • Strategies to build confidence and competence in new hires
  • Different coaching styles and their impact on team performance
  • Embracing and supporting first-time challenges for growth
  • Practical examples of giving and receiving effective feedback

Things to listen for:

03:54 Facing fear, leader tries new approach.
07:26 Tracy tries to back into parking spot.
13:41 Step-by-step instructions on backing up confidently.
15:09 Overcoming fear, gaining confidence in new role.
18:13 Aligning leaders for organizational success, listener gratitude.

First times are incredibly uncomfortable. And what is growth? Growth is trying something new until we get the confidence and the competence to perform it over and over and over again really well.- Traci Austin Click To Tweet

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