Episode 170: People Strategy Insights Into Action with Adam Gruszcynski

Adam joins host Traci Austin, as he shares his transformative journey in implementing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) strategy that significantly attracts high-quality candidates and enhances job satisfaction. From IT director to strategic innovator, Adam Gruszcynski the IT Director at Potawatomi Casino Hotel, has masterfully reinvented the onboarding process and organizational culture within his team.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Implementing Employee Value Proposition (EVP) strategy in recruitment for enhanced job attraction.
  • Enhancing team culture through strategic onboarding processes.
  • Leveraging staff passions to improve service offerings.
  • The synergy between personal and professional goal alignment.
  • The transformative power of “Unreasonable Hospitality” in leadership.

Things to listen for:

04:24 Beneficial pre-boarding onboarding for new employees
07:18 Managers decide on format; new employee preferences addressed.
10:32 Pottawatomie Casino has great perks for employees.
16:19 Podcast discusses building a positive work culture.
17:45 Improving help desk service with small gestures.
20:42 Regular meetings with diverse departments for success.
24:02 Staff passion turned beverage weaknesses into strengths.
27:29 Grateful for insights motivates impact in the podcast.

Recruiting is marketing, and we have to adapt our strategies not just to attract talent, but to resonate with their aspirations and needs. - Adam Gruszcynski Click To Tweet

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