Episode 169: Impact of Team Coaching with Tom Mahoney

From the classroom to the superintendent’s office, Dr. Tom Mahoney has charted a transformative journey through the educational landscape, team coaching, drawing on deep personal and professional experiences. Currently steering the Oregon School District towards innovative educational practices, Tom joins host Traci Austin on the People Strategy Podcast to explore pivotal strategies in education and leadership. In this episode, Tom lays bare the crucial difference between transactional relationships and true partnerships in educational settings and team coaching. He shares his firsthand experiences of overcoming challenges with leadership turnover and implementing effective governance to enhance student and district outcomes.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Transactional vs. Partnership models in education
  • Overcoming leadership turnover and its challenges
  • Building a culture of accountability and alignment
  • Importance of trust, vulnerability, and self-awareness in team coaching
  • Enhancing student outcomes through strategic changes and coaching practices

Things to listen for:

05:01 Thank you for sharing impactful, confidence-building story.
07:01 Adults and children are similar in concepts.
10:10 Financial investment in sustainable school support partnership.
13:42 Aligning individual and district goals for success.
16:48 High trust, vulnerability, deep sharing, coaching importance.
21:10 Significant increase in ELA and math scores.
25:45 Personal trauma shapes and limits leadership potential.
28:17 Excuses hinder growth; build true partnerships instead.
30:07 Commitment to core goals, self-reflection, ownership.

Buiding real partnerships means being vested in each other's success as much as your own.- Dr. Tom Mahoney Click To Tweet

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