Episode 168: Team Coaching Outcomes to Transform Organizational Culture with Brad Zimmerman and Tom Willis

Brad Zimmerman and Tom Willis have carved impactful paths in transforming organizational culture, especially within school districts, from personal development workshops to influential education leaders. On the People Strategy Podcast with host Traci Austin, they share vital insights into the art of coaching, emphasizing the significance of listening and asking meaningful questions. As seasoned professionals working with CEOs and educational leaders, their combined efforts aim to nurture social-emotional learning and build environments that thrive on engagement and purposeful work.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Transforming organizational culture through coaching and open-ended questioning.
  • The vital role of social-emotional learning in shaping effective school and corporate environments.
  • Avoidance in leadership: addressing and overcoming negative cultural mindsets.
  • The shift from “super doer” to empowering leadership for organizational growth.
  • The importance of building a culture based on love rather than fear to foster a virtuous cycle.

Things to listen for:

03:13 Educating leaders and adults, bringing profound change.
08:49 He agreed to teach emotional regulation in school.
12:22 Elizabeth Kuber Ross’s perspective on fear and love.
16:02 Avoiding tough conversations leads to gossip, drama.
16:50 Avoidance leads to gossip, drama, and assumptions.
22:04 Focus on roots, not just leaves. Leaders grow.
24:47 To grow an organization, grow its people.
28:34 Creating an environment of unconditional love and accountability.
30:31 Address fears, build trust, improve results, organizational culture.

Leadership is about operating out of love rather than fear, creating a virtuous cycle within your organization.- Tom Willis Click To Tweet

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