Episode 167: Cultivating a Culture of Inclusiveness with CEO Bryan Wolff

From investing to innovating in employee engagement, Bryan Wolff has mastered the art of cultivating inclusive workplaces where every voice is heard. As the President of AllVoices, an employee relations platform, Bryan joins Traci Austin on The People Strategy Podcast to reveal the significance of fostering inclusive environments where employees feel safe and empowered to contribute authentically.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Empowering employee voices to enhance an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Leveraging AI in HR for better decision-making and trend analysis.
  • Navigating organizational changes and scale with intentionality.
  • The role of self-awareness and organizational awareness in leadership.
  • The impact of team structure on company culture and growth trajectories.

Things to listen for:

06:39 Experience shapes culture, vital for business growth.
07:51 Transition from startup to corporation challenges culture.
10:54 Good companies foster employee growth, adaptability, and support.
15:24 Self and organizational awareness in leadership roles.
20:44 A system helps small companies track trends.
23:47 Creating a culture for business success. Seven dharma: Collaborative team and mentoring for growth.
25:09 Aligning personal and organizational goals for success.

Companies are teams, and I really try to preach that approach because teams are involved with players, and you have to bring your best self. - Bryan Wolff Click To Tweet

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