Episode 165: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace with Jessica Bensch

Jessica Bensch is currently building a not-for-profit global movement (Vanguard Voices) on the topic of psychological safety and is a renowned advocate for workplace culture transformation.

In this episode, Jessica and host Traci Austin discuss psychological safety and open dialogue. Jessica artfully underscores the necessity for a holistic approach to creating a workplace where every voice can be heard. She brings to light the vital nature of leadership discipline and strategic practices that foster an environment ripe for cultural change.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Fostering psychological safety in workplace culture
  • Strategies for encouraging open dialogue and accountability
  • Aligning individual and organizational core values
  • Role of leadership in promoting constructive dissent
  • Best practices for implementing psychological safety initiatives

Things to listen for:

03:34 Believing in purpose, voicing talents in workplace.
08:32 Team canvas sets psychological safety, boosts collaboration.
09:29 Prioritize psychological safety, transparency, and accountability.
17:39 Maintaining trust and alignment within leadership teams.
23:01 Accountability at all levels, intention, and impact.
25:34 Building trust through living core values and communication.
29:21 Promote trust and speaking up positively. Summit in June.
30:36 Connect with me on LinkedIn or website.

There's so much that can contribute to one feeling like they are part of the team, that they are really contributing to a greater mission bigger than themselves. - Jessica Bensch Click To Tweet

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