Episode 164: Intentionally Using AI in Communication to Build Employee Trust with Tarek Kamil

Tarek champions AI and predictive indexes as key to crafting relevant and targeted messaging, cutting through the noise of excessive, unproductive emails. He and host Traci Austin discuss the careful balance of need-to-know versus want-to-know information and its impact on efficiency and trust within the workforce.

Tarek Kamil, CEO and Founder of an internal communication software, Cerkl, is passionate about using AI and big data to transform how organizations communicate, engage, and understand their audiences. In this episode, Tarek draws parallels between Netflix’s personalized content delivery and the need for similarly tailored communication in the workplace, illuminating the path to enriching employee engagement and organizational growth.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Customizing communication for organizational growth
  • Empathy and personalization in employee engagement
  • The role of AI in streamlining internal communication
  • Balancing need-to-know and want-to-know information
  • Utilizing predictive index for tailored decision-making

Things to listen for:

04:30 Engagement with staff depends on individual needs.
08:38 Distraction leads to unproductive behavior and disengagement.
09:53 Distinguishing need to know from want to know.
14:07 Mutual trust leads to better productivity and management.
17:42 Customized communication for productivity and growth impact.
19:30 Valuing people and compounding interest for growth.
23:10 Justify tech cost by comparing to intern.
26:26 Email vs other communication methods for business.

The most valuable currency today is people's time. And whether they're consciously or subconsciously doing it, people are gravitating towards things that save them time. - Tarek Kamil Click To Tweet

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