Episode 163: Impact of Job Clarity in the First 90 Days with Traci Austin

In this episode, host Traci Austin discusses the importance of clarity in defining roles and expectations for new employees. She shares valuable insights on aligning goals, behaviors, and core values when hiring and managing talent. Her compelling story about the challenges and successes of hiring a marketing coordinator shed light on the significance of defining essential job duties, setting clear onboarding goals, and managing performance through structured scorecards.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Setting up clarity in job roles and expectations
  • Onboarding and aligning new hires for success
  • Creating performance scorecards tied to organizational goals
  • Utilizing predictive index and core values for hiring decisions
  • Implementing a people strategy roadmap for business outcomes

Things to listen for:

00:00 Clarity and successful hiring.
05:18 Define goals for success and roles clearly.
07:00 Established clarity, goals, and learning in onboarding.
11:31 Behavioral values in the interview process for organization fit.
13:21 Selecting the right candidate for the job.
17:03 Creating clarity from hiring to performance goals.

So often, in an interview, we listen for what we want to hear rather than for whether the candidate is truly the best fit for the job. - Traci Austin Click To Tweet

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