Episode 161: Power of Think Weeks in Empowering Your Team with Jeff Mould

Alongside host Traci Austin, Jeff Mould delves into the perks of a “think week,” aimed at personal and professional rejuvenation. Jeff Mould, once a reluctant leader has gracefully embraced the mantle of leadership as president and CEO of Stoney Creek.

In this episode, Jeff unravels the efficacy of positive tension at the strategic table, the EOS model’s role in steering through challenges, and the nuanced art of delegation and empowerment. He shares a narrative of fostering a thriving culture—where values aren’t just wall decorations, but lived experiences that define every organizational facet.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Harnessing positive tension with the EOS model
  • Both/and decision-making to balance departmental priorities
  • The transformative power of “think week” for team growth
  • Cultivating a culture of delegation and empowerment
  • Living out core values for genuine organizational alignment

Things to listen for:

00:00 Reluctant leader faced career opportunities with scale.
06:19 Language crucial in business for team collaboration.
07:57 Leadership impacted by empowerment, delegation, and accountability.
12:32 Culture must be lived, not just seen.
15:42 Alignment in values crucial for successful collaboration.
18:35 Positive tension drives organizational success with EOS model.
21:59 Think week for the executive team, rest, unplug, unwind.

When team members take advantage of think week, they come back with a crystal clear picture in their personal and professional lives of what we like to call start, stop, and keep. -Jeff Mould Click To Tweet

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