Episode 160: Impact of Your BIG WHY on Your People Strategy with Byron Low

Navigating the ‘big why’ of business with precision and insight is at the heart of this episode featuring Byron Low, a Predictive Index partner and seasoned coach committed to refining organizational culture.

Together, Byron and host Traci Austin unpack the symbiotic relation between personal purpose and its potent ability to drive team inspiration—underscoring the importance of aligning personal and professional ambitions.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Unpacking the ‘big why’ in business and personal success
  • The profound community and bottom-line impact of business closures
  • Navigating leadership development with the predictive index and coaching
  • Strategies for creating transformative value in communities
  • The synergy between personal purpose and company culture

Things to listen for:

04:46 Success and wealth don’t require a “big why”.
08:50 “Humble confidence, love, and inspire in leadership.”
12:30 Jeff transitioned from a restaurant CEO.
13:36 CEO Jeff’s approach gained team acceptance.
19:25 Utilized off-the-shelf resources for language development.
23:02 Work is driven by love and purpose.
26:11 Employee value proposition, community impact, business outcome.
28:25 Assess impact, develop strategy, and implement tools.
“There's absolutely a connection to your inner work of finding meaning, purpose, and direction, to the bottom line of your company and to the culture. -Byron Low Click To Tweet

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