Episode 157: Second Chances in the Workplace with Michelle Cirocco

Michelle sheds light on the importance of offering individuals with criminal records the prospect of a second chance, mirrored through her personal journey and the significant work of Televerde.

Transitioning from incarceration to corporate leadership, Michelle Cirocco has forged a unique and impactful career trajectory, demonstrating the transformative power of meaningful employment. As the CEO of Televerde Foundation, Michelle actively champions the cause of providing employment, training, and educational opportunities to incarcerated women as a gateway to successful reentry into society.

This is an incredible conversation about second chances with host Traci Austin.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Transforming lives through meaningful work post-incarceration
  • Challenging biases with second chance hiring policies
  • The impressive zero percent recidivism rate of program participants
  • Cultivating self-improvement and workplace readiness
  • The vital role of empathy and support in successful reentry strategies

Things to listen for:

00:00 Transformed by prison experience, now advocates change.
05:07 Televerde empowers incarcerated women, achieving successful reentry.
07:03 Supporting women’s reentry into society with training.
10:26 Women need meaningful work, training for better careers.
15:21 70% of incarcerated women have trauma history.
19:24 Background checks vary in time period, relevancy.
30:21 Creating career pathways, offering careers not jobs.
32:17 Accept flaws, set clear expectations, partner with support.
“You have to believe that no one should be discarded based on a bad decision or a big mistake that they made at any point in their life. That's an absolute waste of human potential.-Michelle Cirocco Click To Tweet

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