Episode 156: People-First HR with Tina-Marie Wohlfield

In this episode, Tina-Marie and Traci discuss her insights as an HR rehabilitation strategist, emphasizing the critical need for a culture that leverages individuals’ strengths and values people as the core of every business decision. Tina-Marie Wohlfield believes nobody should ever feel isolated in their missteps; instead, she advocates for a culture where individuals are encouraged to share their journey, including the pitfalls.

We’ll learn how a people-first approach can align with corporate goals, transforming traditional Human Resources from an administrative function into one that’s value-driven and deeply integrated into the decision-making processes.

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Key Takeaways:

– Building trust through learning from mistakes
– The shift from profit-centric to people-centric practices
– Blending data with employee needs
– HR’s role in engagement and creating conversation spaces

Things to listen for:

00:00 Learning from mistakes, sharing experiences for growth.
04:43 HR should prioritize people over profit.
08:02 Limited, emotional investment in team development strategy.
10:35 Consultant focuses on investment and rehabilitation goals.
14:29 Positive feedback on HR transformation and engagement.
19:14 High ROI from investment in team development.
21:24 Consulting experience identifying HR as the problem.
25:49 Engage, listen, learn, and adapt for change.
“Data tells a story, but it's only one part of that story. So as you're engaging in the needs of your people, you have to find a connection between the business and the people within it.- Tina-Marie Wohlfield Click To Tweet

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