Episode 155: Communication Clarity as a People Strategy with Coye Harrett

In this episode of the People Strategy Podcast, Coye Harrett, talks about his communication strategies to allow key people to have decision-making authority and creativity to get the job done in the best way possible. By letting go of the vine and trusting his team to reach the desired outcomes, Coye is creating a transparent environment that embraces both successes and mistakes as learning opportunities.

Coye Harrett, President and owner of Prairie Rivet, shares his insights on expanding a business and putting customers first with Traci

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Key Takeaways:

Implementation of EOS for clear vision and culture shifts
– Prairie Rivet’s success and focus on domestic manufacturing
– Importance of caring for employee well-being and growth
– Blameless problem-solving and team accountability
– Trusting the team to achieve goals


Things to listen for:

04:03 Empowering teams to expand creatively and independently
12:47 Outsourcing to scale
13:57 Regular employee meetings focused on communication and growth
20:50 Utilizing employee data and success stories effectively
22:29 Aligning core values, rewarding positive behaviors
“I'd much rather be accused of over-communicating than being impulsive or secretive. - Coye Harrett Click To Tweet

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