Episode 153: Merging Organizational Values with AI with Drew Fortin

In this episode of the People Strategy Podcast, Drew and Traci explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the fascinating intersection of mission, vision, values (MVV).

With nearly two decades of experience in growth strategies, Drew, CEO of Lever Talent, brings a wealth of knowledge on aligning teams and fostering engagement through clear organizational MVV. A philosopher at heart, Drew Fortin, posits that decisions are akin to the vital currency that propels development forward.

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Key Takeaways:

-The value in outsourcing for productivity
-The necessity of differentiating mission, vision, and values
-The intersection of Artificial Intelligence with productivity and human talent
-The contribution of Artificial Intelligence to performance management and development
-The importance of leadership in communicating and embodying MVV

Things to listen for:

04:58 Leaders need to focus on accountability and strategy.
06:54 Peer advisory networks are vital for decision-making.
13:10 Shifting to digital, questioning existence, and AI.
14:51 AI will take over transactional work tasks.
27:00 Capture, report, and use data for growth.
30:32 Clarity in roles, mission, vision, values, and importance.
“We are amidst a renaissance on how we think about the value humans. AI will take over the more transactional components of work. - Drew Fortin Click To Tweet

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