Episode 152: Operating Systems as a People Strategy with Andreas Dankelmann

Andreas shares his insights on implementing predictive index and the entrepreneurial operating system within organizations.

On today’s episode of the People Strategy Podcast, we have a captivating conversation with guest Andreas Dankelmann, from FifthAscent. He joins Traci Austin to delve into the world of organizational leadership as they explore how to elevate people and organizations through a people strategy roadmap.

They discuss the importance of building strong leadership teams, defining success, and creating a structure (operating systems) that allows people to thrive in their roles. Join us as we uncover the key insights and actionable people strategies to drive business results.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Business gets done by people and with people. Creating dream teams that turn up each other’s strengths leads to higher levels of customer service and overall team performance.
  2. Define what success looks like. By setting clear organizational, team, and job-level goals, we can align our efforts and create a winning team that supports each other.
  3. Structure (operating systems) allows people to do their best work. Implementing systems that provide transparency, accountability, and leadership tailored to individuals’ needs leads to increased performance and alignment within the organization.

Things to listen for:

05:01 Impactful hiring decisions yield successful, fulfilling teams.
09:44 Team built solid leadership, achieved business growth.
12:04 Involving investment partners accelerates business growth.
15:33 “Conversations with Andres lead to key insights.”
17:58 Define winning, cascade goals, create accountability, align.

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