Episode 151: Creating an Employee Evolution with Charlie Saffro

From making a difference to celebrating success and doing what’s right, Charlie breaks down how these principles are not just platitudes, but actions that influence every single decision made by her and her team, including some of the most difficult ones.

Charlie Saffro is not just the founder of CS Recruiting, a company known for excellence in logistics, transportation, and supply chain recruitment—it’s a company that lives and breathes its values.

She joins Traci to share her personal leadership journey, from the transition to a leadership role, handling the challenges of delegation and empowerment, to the integration of personal and organizational values. She’s candid about the struggles she faced, how feedback has been critical to growth, and why vulnerability isn’t just a buzzword but a real strength in leading a team.

Join us as we discuss what it means to see the person behind the title, to make human connections, and to lead with heart—not just in metrics, but in our remote-working world. We’ll also discover the power of employee evolution meetings and understand why trust, communication and psychological safety are non-negotiable for a truly engaged and productive workforce.

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Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ The Balance of Caring: Find equilibrium between investing emotionally as a leader and maintaining the necessary boundary to delegate effectively.
2️⃣ Values in Practice: Embrace and embody your personal and organizational values in every business decision to foster authenticity and trust.
3️⃣ Feedback as Growth Fuel: Cultivate a culture of consistent, constructive feedback (FBI feedback) that not only boosts individual growth but also drives collective company success.

Things to listen for:

11:53 Embracing strengths, delegating weaknesses, finding energy.
17:11 Feedback and communication vital for employee development.
18:55 Annual evolution meetings provide significant impact in ROI.
21:57 Tech gamification backfired, felt like micromanagement.
24:42 Invest in people beyond their professional titles.
29:02 Key points in CS recruiting and people strategy
31:24 Understanding behavior and trust drives strong engagement.

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