Start with Loving Your People w/Marcia Barnes

Marcia Barnes has a knack for rallying people together. Widely recognized for her enthusiasm and strategic mindset, she champions growth not merely as a goal but as an essential ingredient to nurturing talent and ensuring her team members have a vibrant pathway to flourish within Valve and Meter.

Her story is one of passion intertwined with the practicalities of leadership, illustrating that at the heart of successful business growth lies the well-being and progression of its people.

This conversation is filled with wisdom and practical examples that shed light on the significance of integrating core values into business decisions and strategies.

Tune in for an engaging discussion with Traci Austin that brings valuable insights to the forefront of organizational leadership and growth.

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Key Takeaways:

-Organizational Growth and Career Development: When organizations grow at the right pace, it provides employees with opportunities to advance and grow within the company.
Integration of Core Values: Weave core values into every aspect of the organization, from hiring to serving clients.
Recruitment Math: Positions can add three to ten times their value over the base within the organization.


Things to listen for:

03:38 Leaders must balance humility to succeed.
08:54 Valvameter emphasizes values through visual reminders.
12:30 Workplace offers coaching and support for employees.
16:11 Prepare scorecard before interviewing, measure attributes against.
19:33 Marketing costs and returns: Digital vs. Organic.
20:31 Evaluate potential hires based on their value.
26:15 Utilize core values in daily business decisions.

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