The Culture of Gratitude

What’s really important about gratitude? It’s sharing very specifically what it is that another has done that you you’re grateful for. Here’s a couple of statistics, 93% of employees who reported feeling valued so that they are motivated to do their best work.

Feeling valued comes from that gratitude from others. 88% of employees who reported feeling valued said that they are engaging in their work, and 81% of employees stated that they would be motivated to work harder if their boss expressed gratitude.

Also think of the reverse, our boss is grateful for us, but 74% of us never expressed our gratitude to our boss. Remember, like we, these are all human relationships, and they are reciprocal.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why is gratitude important? What impact does it have?
  • Gratitude and Mental Health – there’s definitely a positive correlation that improves your work environment and when we look at gratitude and mental

Ideas Worth Sharing

“And so a ripple of acknowledgment and appreciation that surges forward, transforming and inspiring us.The more gratitude growing around, the more human connections are being made, engagement and innovation across the organization. – Forbes Click To Tweet

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