EP 142: How to create talent pathway plans inside your organization

When we talk about the story of how we got to where we are right now, so many was by accident but we found that thing that we liked, and we kept going.

When we can get folks excited about what they love to do and have that heart, that passion for it, because what we know is that when we’re passionate about something, and we understand the why behind it, we’re much more likely to do it and do it well over time.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Individual Takeaways – Understand what drives your need for certain things in a job so you will be engaged and fulfilled. Know what your “must haves” are for your in-role growth and/or next position. Be prepared to ask the key questions as you define your career path.
  • Organizational Takeaways – Identify organizational pathways that promote staff engagement, keep them fulfilled, and increase talent retention. Define the key job and succession needs for your company. Create multiple pathways that provide a visual outline of employee growth and ownership
  • Facilitating the conversation that encourages and supports growth.

Actionable Takeaway for Executives

  • Think about what did your career trajectory look like? Is that something that you know you can mimic for staff coming into your organization? How were you given opportunities and is there ways of sharing those opportunities.

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals

  • How do we create those pathways so that they’re visible and create the trust in our organization.

Ideas Worth Sharing

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Resources In Today’s Episode

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