EP 87: The Often Forgotten Piece of Succession Planning

One of the key issues for many leaders is succession planning, particularly when it comes to backfilling roles from outside their organization. How can you maintain the company culture that you’ve worked so hard to create when you are hiring from the outside? That’s what we’re diving into today as we look at the importance of culture when it comes to planning talent pathways.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • What a talent development plan consists of. (7:00)
  • How a talent pathways plan differs from a talent development plan. (12:35)
  • The key things to think about when it comes to planning talent pathways. (17:00)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals

  • Understand what your executive needs and the overall business strategy. (19:15)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives

  • Understand what your leadership team needs and measure those outcomes. (18:45)

Ideas Worth Sharing

“If we don’t first believe in our values and are grounded in what that is, we are missing so much of what’s important and what makes work and life fulfilling.” - Traci Scherck Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode

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