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Podcast0EP 73: How to Handle Stress During Transitions with Melissa Marsh


How to Handle Stress During Transitions

For almost everyone, the last two years have been a long roller-coaster of emotions and stress. During this time, it has become more important than ever to take care of ourselves to ensure we’re navigating these transitions and changes with a clear and healthy mindset. So, how do we approach this within our businesses? Here to help us answer this question is Melissa Marsh, HR Consultant for LP Insurance Services.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • The power of self-care and meditation. (4:25)
  • How to navigate change and transitions. (5:30)
  • The importance of setting boundaries. (11:30)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals

  • Take care of yourself. (19:26)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives

  • Have an open and learning mindset. (18:53)

Ideas Worth Sharing

“Meditation is a lifeline.” - Melissa Marsh Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode

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