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Podcast0EP 37: Positive Performance Management with Michele Haugh


Performance management should be about having regular, open and honest conversations. It is an opportunity to learn how someone is doing, assess how they might progress to the next level in the organization and figure out how to improve a specific skillset in order to meet goals. In other words, it doesn’t have to be negative. To help us discuss this topic and dive into how to keep performance management positive is Michele Haugh, Co-Founder of EarlyHR Solutions.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode

  • Why having clear goals in mind for your staff is key. (3:20)
  • The benefit of coaching and collaborative conversations. (7:15)
  • How to create alignment between your staff and your organization. (13:49)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals

  • Be open to new ideas and drive your organization toward having conversations around alignment. (19:45)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives

  • Change what performance management means within your business by having frequent, honest conversations. (18:04)

Ideas Worth Sharing

“Performance management is not just about an annual, one-sided conversation, but it’s really changing more towards an ongoing process where individuals can work with their leaders and be aligned on a much more regular basis.” - Michele Haugh Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode

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