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Podcast0EP 27: How to Design Your Dream Team with Jeanine Woyner


What defines a dream team—and what are the steps to creating one within your organization? Our guest for this episode is Jeanine Woyner, the Vice President of Human Resources for Blackhawk Bank. Today she joins us to discuss her journey in using Predictive Index and how she has gone through some of the trials and tribulations of creating several really strong dream teams inside the bank.

Listen in as Jeanine explains the importance of having a team that is willing to work together despite potentially being from different backgrounds or having different needs. You will learn what to do with an employee who isn’t fitting in with the rest of the team, why you shouldn’t focus on weaknesses, and the importance of learning how to communicate effectively.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How Jeanine defines a dream team. (1:20)
  • How to create a dream team that is executing on the necessary things. (2:13)
  • What to do with an employee who doesn’t quite fit. (5:20)
  • How to ensure people are the right fit for the right role. (13:40)
  • The benefit of doing annual evaluations. (18:50)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals:

  • Always focus on the needs of your employees. (21:40)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives:

  • Make sure the people underneath you know what their goals are. (22:20)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

““When I think of a dream team, I think of employees that work together.” - Jeanine Woyner Click To Tweet “You don’t focus on weaknesses… it’s more about the strengths.” - Jeanine Woyner Click To Tweet “It’s about learning how to communicate to each other how they need to be communicated to.” - Jeanine Woyner Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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