EP 24: Implementing the Service Delivery Model with Amy Stalker

Implementing the Service Delivery Model

As we look at our organizations from the executive level, it’s important to evaluate whether people are in the right seat or the right role. Specifically, it is important to be looking at your talent and whether they are in the right position for where the company is going to go. To help us break down this topic today is Amy Stalker, Sr. Director of People Operations for GPN. In this episode, she will be sharing her thoughts on how to efficiently and appropriately move talent throughout your organization.

Listen in as Amy explains the importance of celebrating people’s strengths and ensuring they are in roles that highlight those strengths. You will learn how to create a talent pool and how to keep your team motivated to work hard within your business. Amy also gives amazing advice for implementing the service delivery model within your business and helping your team grow to their fullest potential.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Amy’s thoughts on how to move talent throughout an organization. (1:22)
  • How to create a talent pool that you can later pull from. (2:45)
  • How to implement a service delivery model into your business. (5:14)
  • How to keep your team motivated. (8:24)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals:

  • Look at people who are not necessarily like you. (13:52)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives:

  • Don’t be afraid to push the service delivery model. (13:15)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Everybody has strengths and weaknesses—nobody should be ashamed of their weaknesses.” - Amy Stalker Click To Tweet “I think in HR, a lot of times we don’t always put the business first, and that’s what we need to do.” - Amy Stalker Click To Tweet “If you know the people, you know what they're good at.” - Amy Stalker Click To Tweet

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Elevated Talent Consulting: talent pathways How do we move from point A to Point B to point C inside of an organization and as we’re looking at our organizations from the executive level.

Elevated Talent Consulting: In specifically focusing on our people in the right seat in the right role and are they the right role for where the company is going to grow so welcome to talent optimization today we have any stalker with us and amy is a.

Elevated Talent Consulting: total rewards professional and she’s worked on both.

Elevated Talent Consulting: A US base and globally.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And so amy what are your specific thoughts on how we move individuals through the organization and welcome to the podcast

Elevated Talent Consulting: thank you Tracy and good question right, I have a ton of thoughts on how you move, I think you can do.

Elevated Talent Consulting: there’s always a traditional method right, which I think we’re all super experienced with that you come in, you come in, in a role that specific title role that you do that role, and then you work towards trying to move up into a managerial.

Elevated Talent Consulting: pathway or to an individual contributor pathway, whatever it may be, and it’s kind of old you know, this is where we get burned out this is where we don’t always learn we get siloed in our careers often.

Elevated Talent Consulting: We get highly specialized at times and it’s once that happens it’s hard to really break through into other functions or into other parts of the business, if you will.

Elevated Talent Consulting: So kind of been kicking around and in my career have developed what we call like service delivery systems.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And what that really is it’s making sure that you have people have of all different types of talent, whether it’s you know managerial talent, whether it’s.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Specialist talent, whether it’s generalist talent, especially in hr.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And really looking at what are their strengths so everybody has strengths and weaknesses, nobody should be ashamed of having certain weaknesses, but it’s how you develop and test and get those known and you start bringing them together.

Elevated Talent Consulting: In a talent pool, if you will, and what you could do from there is that you hire people into the talent pool and you start pulling them for projects versus them being.

Elevated Talent Consulting: i’m an HR generalist, and this is what I do right in a certain role you start putting them in i’m a service delivery expert.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And i’m working on this project, this project, this project and it’s a myriad of different ones that cross across all different functions, so it could be finance HR it manufacturing, whatever it may be.

Elevated Talent Consulting: To better a business to grow, so in that aspect what you’re doing is you’re helping them not only become you know professionals, maybe in an HR function but you’re also giving them.

Elevated Talent Consulting: A pathway to other business leaders pathway into what how the business works, I think HR a lot of times is sometimes we don’t always put the business first.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And that’s what we need to do and that’s what makes HR leaders really good leaders and makes them evolve and grow.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And I think just what i’ve done in my career is by building the service delivery type model it’s really been super successful and it’s been emulated then globally wow you really have something good over here, people are engaged high engagement scores.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know the ability to work with people that they normally don’t work with and it really helps to build their skills and get them excited about different opportunities so they’re not just siloed into one role.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Absolutely, and what I love about this framework is you’re having individuals focus on different areas of the business and they’re taking that with them as they move between different project teams.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know, and one of the things that I hear and sometimes I hear my listeners talking in my head and one of the questions that I hear is yet Tracy but how do you do that, in a smaller organization.

Elevated Talent Consulting: That sounds were even a larger organization, how do you do it in a smaller one.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And I have an organization that i’m working with right now that’s about 100 employees and they’re actually.

Elevated Talent Consulting: They have a group of individuals that they’re essentially you know are on a team, but they’re rotating between different areas of the business.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Because what we know is you know let’s just talk from HR for a second you know HR doesn’t always understand what the business objectives are.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Well, when you bring somebody from an operations role into an HR director role guess what they’re bringing with them.

Elevated Talent Consulting: The specific knowledge of the business and what’s been happening there, and so I think that there’s definitely ways to do it, especially if you have.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know service delivery teams, or if you have a team that is counselors or whatnot and you have them siloed into different divisions based on the contract.

Elevated Talent Consulting: it’s it’s really easy to move them in that, based on teams and coming in and out of those teams.

Elevated Talent Consulting: It is that and I think it’s important to even for small organizations there’s a way to do it, you you’re never going to have everybody raising their hand saying yes, this is, for me.

Elevated Talent Consulting: I want to be in a project role, I want to be able to do different you know parts of the business, you are going to have people who are like you know what no I only like to do this, and this is what I want to stay in.

Elevated Talent Consulting: When there’s nothing wrong with that you do need to have the doors that keep the lights on happy well weekly and the tactical employees and the employees that kind of sit in that area and they’re comfortable there.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But if you don’t have that base of service delivery isn’t going to work because that needs to happen, you can’t let the business fall but it’s those big projects that we all do, and we have them.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And it’s just making sure that you have the right teams, like, I mean i’ll raise my hand and say i’m a great big picture thinker.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know i’m an eye and the disk, if you will, and like yeah let’s go i’m a motivator.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But I tend to you know I brought all the big ideas and then i’m like Okay, no somebody else go implement it for me exactly cuz that’s not where i’m at in my career and it’s not what I want to do.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But that doesn’t mean that somebody else on the team doesn’t then pick it up in the middle or pick it up at the end.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And then do and get it finished and take it to the finish line where everybody’s a winner it’s been really super successful.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And I hope that it just continues to grow

Elevated Talent Consulting: absolutely and one of the key things that we’re working with so.
predictive index came out with a design module last year, and one of the key things that really does is you build your teams out and your teams are built out based on.

Elevated Talent Consulting: What what is our team type right now right are we have pathways team meaning hey we’re figuring out where to go but we’re not going to be great implementations right.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Or are we, you know, a strategic team, where we can do the really strategic things, but you know we really need somebody to lead us right.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And so, when we develop those teams, we need to know what does the organization need this team to execute on.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And to deliver on, and then we can really look and see who’s you know who’s sitting on this team.

Elevated Talent Consulting: where’s our gaps, because that allows us to do a fit gap analysis to say hey we actually don’t have a balanced around this team.

Elevated Talent Consulting: So, for example, if we have several individuals on a team that are big picture thinkers we don’t have anyone that’s implementing, we need to have at least one implemented on our team to really implement and make that thing happen.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And this is where I think this becomes gold in organizations is we’re going to hire into project teams we’re going to see where it goes.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Based on what we need to execute on, and then we kind of move to the next project yeah and I think that you have a really good point and it’s always been kind of a joke with us.

Elevated Talent Consulting: When i’m developing this team is to say, we need a dating APP right, but for but for talent, we have it, you know sounds like you do and that’s a big need and a gap in in delivering this type of.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Of a pathway or a or a way to do things in an organization or even a structure that’s the piece that’s missing.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You can, if you know the people you know what they’re good at you know their strengths, you know their weaknesses, but we don’t always know what we’re hiring, for we don’t always know you know it’s this is this going to be successful, and so you can swipe right.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Right, like all right that’s a good fit for this one, but no it’s not a good fit for this one.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And you start really blending in what makes people motivated right, like most of us don’t want to do things we’re not good at right um.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know there’s things that that I don’t necessarily want to do that, you still have to do in an organization or your job right and that’s fine.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But what keeps you happy and what keeps you at a company and what keeps you going and growing and learning and it’s doing things like this that are like.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Oh i’m really passionate about this i’m really good at this i’m a great resource builder a great influence or.

Elevated Talent Consulting: I would love to just do this on different projects and jump and learn more about the business, I mean how great is that who doesn’t want to work in that environment.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And you know what’s really great about this is, we talked a couple weeks ago about communication that drives results, and when we talk about that communication when we build these project teams.

Elevated Talent Consulting: What really happens is we’re building trust and relationships, so that no matter where those individuals go you’ve spent a good 1218 months together you’ve got trust that I can pick up the phone and call.

Elevated Talent Consulting: and say hey what specifically going on with this, where I may not have done that otherwise.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And that’s a key communication piece oh it definitely is and and you know, there you have to give people the opportunity to to opt out if that makes sense.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Because one project isn’t for everybody i’ve had a couple of times, where i’ve had people.

Elevated Talent Consulting: be put into a project because they had a certain skill set and then they start the project and it’s like you know what this just isn’t for me.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Is there somebody else that could fill the role, how can I transition back out of this.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And you have to be able to have that like.

Elevated Talent Consulting: it’s some things are going to fail, or some projects may start failing, but you need to fail fast and you need to accept it own IT and turn it around and find somebody else in that role, or maybe even tweak the project of it.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And these are just growing pains that that that I think organizations are going to go through, as this model starts building.

Elevated Talent Consulting: I think it’s out there, people are starting to talk more about it it’s just people are scared how do I make this a reality right and hearing you talk about pi.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And i’m having that tool I think that’s a huge beginning because that’s usually where we get stuck.

Elevated Talent Consulting: right because that’s her easy button right, we can really easily look at and say Okay, who do we need to either hire on our pull up from our bench.

Elevated Talent Consulting: In order to do this, and that gives huge opportunities, and of course we would always rather.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know, bring somebody internally, because that’s how we build those talent pathways is when we can do that internally, because then we can keep great talent.

Elevated Talent Consulting: The key is that you know we’ve got four levers of engagement, one is fit to role.

Elevated Talent Consulting: The second is the team that we’re on the third is our manager and the fourth is the environmental the culture that we’re working in.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know, and when we build these team based environments we’re taking care of several of those at the same time.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Oh absolutely are and I like to hear that that those are the thoughts, you know that you’re going through is as you’re thinking through organization and organizational change.

Elevated Talent Consulting: I think those are definitely key and employees, want to hear that we want to hear how do I grow.

Elevated Talent Consulting: that’s usually one of the first questions we get as well i’m not really in a role per se so i’m not going to be a manager or i’m not going to be a director of whatever.

Elevated Talent Consulting: We have to let go of this titles right like I think titles, for us, and especially in some or even on some global regions it’s very important.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And in this model, you have to be okay with.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know, not having this grand title necessarily but it’s more about what the work and what you’re doing and to be able to explain that and really love what you’re doing and being engaged in what you’re doing.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And when you find people who equally.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You know, want to problem solve you’re going to be I just i’ve seen it grow and i’ve seen so many people knock on my door saying how do I get into your function.

Elevated Talent Consulting: How do I get into this group right because I hear great things about it and that’s right you want yeah

Elevated Talent Consulting: absolutely and that’s huge for where are we going next and what does that look like.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But it also plays to the different behavior of types that an individual has right, so if we have somebody that’s incredibly extroverted and has an ego and guess what there’s there’s jobs that are needed for that.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But this may not be the right one for that, but they will be a great balancer on a team.

Elevated Talent Consulting: yeah it’s like I had somebody utilize kind of the rummage sale right is how do you put on a really good rummage sale.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You need a certain person to go out and sell it and to do all the art around it to do the postings and all of that things you need this background person to say Okay, this is the date.

Elevated Talent Consulting: here’s everything that we’re selling here’s all the price points that you need to have all of these different.

Elevated Talent Consulting: pieces, you need somebody to go out and talk to you know, the people who are coming up, and to take the money and be comfortable with that.

Elevated Talent Consulting: You need all these pieces, in order for a rummage sale to really go well, I, and I know it’s kind of cliche or kind of funny to talk about it but it’s so true when you think about like what part, could I play.

Elevated Talent Consulting: In the rummage sale piece definitely for me not going to be pricing everything that’s not my thing well helping what dates, it is I mile you pick a date you tell me when to be there.

Elevated Talent Consulting: i’ll go out and i’ll sell it i’ll talk to the people i’ll do that kind of stuff but I mean you get the opposite.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Right, it takes a lot of people to to have a project be successful

Elevated Talent Consulting: absolutely and I was balancing pieces are key so i’m super curious what is one key takeaway for our executive listeners today.

Elevated Talent Consulting: yeah so anything you know in this conversation it’s to not be afraid to push this model and yeah that’s the biggest hold back in this really being successful it’s.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Try it even try it with a small team, or you know, a couple of different projects but give it give it some time for it to take.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But don’t be afraid to take that risk and start building this within your organization it’s definitely an up and coming trend.

Elevated Talent Consulting: i’ve seen it be you super successful in in my area of expertise

Elevated Talent Consulting: absolutely and, what is your key takeaway for our HR professionals.

Elevated Talent Consulting: yeah I mean, I think you can say the same thing for HR professionals but it’s it’s looking at people who are not necessarily like you.

Elevated Talent Consulting: I think a lot of times when we interview people to come and join our organizations we’re always talking about fit and we’re talking about culture fit.

Elevated Talent Consulting: it’s okay for them not to necessarily be a fit or a culture fit because they’re bringing a different way of thinking.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And it’s not group think and it’s not the same type of thing there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just how do you better onboard them, how do you bring them into the organization.

Elevated Talent Consulting: If they’re a different way, you know they have a different way of working that’s actually beneficial for this model.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And that’s huge and we have four podcast specifically on onboarding and those are numbers 10 through 13 so if you’re curious of knowing a little bit more about that that was you know, specifically dig into it.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And the podcast we did with kristin Robertson from predictive index really goes into hey, what are the different ways to do that, based on a person’s behavioral type for sure.

Elevated Talent Consulting: So thank you so much for being on our podcast for a second time and with that if you’re really curious about this team’s model and hey how do I design my dream teams and you know, do we.

Elevated Talent Consulting: Potentially want to play with moving to this type of model or hiring into a project team.

Elevated Talent Consulting: versus into an individual role again, you need to make sure you’ve got great communication so individuals aren’t afraid at the end of that you know 18 months of they’re going to lose their job.

Elevated Talent Consulting: But if you’re really curious about that you know in our show notes, you can go ahead and take the predictive index behavioral assessment, and then we can walk through those teams with you.

Elevated Talent Consulting: And if you want to follow amy you can go ahead and find her on linkedin and with that Thank you so much for joining us and have a great rest of your day, thank you.