EP 08: Getting the Right People into the Right Roles with Becca Peterson


Getting the Right People into the Right Roles

When considering taking on a new hire, finding the right fit for your organization can be scary and time-consuming. So today Becca Peterson, Sales Executive for QPS Employment Group, joins the show to discuss the right way to go about searching for new talent and how to utilize your network so that you know you are bringing in people who will fit in with your team.

Listen in as Becca explains how to use your referral source and how to articulate your organization’s “why” to attract the right talent. You will learn about the importance of being adaptable, why it is beneficial to keep an eye on what your employees are saying about you as an employer online, and why we must be authentic in business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to find the right fit for your organization. (1:31)
  • The benefit of utilizing your network instead of creating a job posting. (4:13)
  • How to identify what’s really important to your company so you can attract the right talent. (7:43)
  • What Employee Value Proposition is and why it’s important. (11:20)
  • The value of understanding and acknowledging what your old employees are saying about you as an employer. (15:28)
  • Why you must know what your story is in your organization. (17:22)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals:

  • Make sure your employment pitch is honest and reflective of what your company is offering right now. (17:55)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives:

  • Know your story and make sure your hiring managers are telling it. (17:23)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Job postings I see as a reactive way to find talent.” - Becca Peterson Click To Tweet

“Find that person that is going to be a long-term fit with your company and its culture and your values.” - Becca Peterson Click To Tweet

“We continually have to adapt and make changes daily.” - Becca Peterson Click To Tweet

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