EP 07: Finding the Connection Between Human Resources and Executive Level Managers with Candy Underwood

Finding the Connection Between Human Resources and Executive Level Managers

The way you hire has a big impact on your organization’s results. Effective recruitment will enhance your company’s reputation (and culture), and it will ensure that the very best talent is identified, engaged, and brought into the business. Here to help us discuss this topic is Candy Underwood, HR Leader for QPS Employment Group. In this episode, she will explain the importance of truly knowing what your organization needs to make the right hire.

Listen in to learn how to search for the optimal candidate—rather than the “perfect” candidate—as well as how to identify the top three things you are looking for and the trade-offs you are willing to make. You will hear about the importance of having humility, a major driver of great culture, and how to be a better business partner.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why Candy refers to herself as a business professional with HR expertise. (1:46)
  • The impact the way you hire has on business results. (3:13)
  • Why you must understand the most important thing you need from a candidate. (5:50)
  • The key characteristic Candy always looks for in a new hire. (14:40)
  • The importance of being aware of how you are leading. (20:20)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals:

  • Look for leaders—learn from those who have already taken the steps you want to take. (21:13)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives:

  • Lead with humility—ask for others’ opinions and create a partnership with employees to allow them to grow into their roles. (17:18)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“In professional services there is not a lot of other options you have other than having really exceptional talent.” - Candy Underwood Click To Tweet

“When looking for really good talent, it does depend on the job.” - Candy Underwood Click To Tweet

“Don’t search for the perfect candidate, search for the optimal candidate.” - Candy Underwood Click To Tweet

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