EP 02: How to Implement Talent Optimization in Your Business with Matt Poepsel

How to Implement Talent Optimization in Your Business

Matt Poepsel is known as “The Godfather of Talent Optimization.” Vice President of Partner Growth for The Predictive Index,  Matt has a very interesting background in becoming a people leader in organizations, which led him to creating the framework of “talent optimization.” Today he joins the show to explain what talent optimization is and how to implement this strategy into your business.

Listen in as Matt shares why business success is a team sport, not to be placed on any individual alone. You will learn how to make educated hires for your company, how to avoid friction within your organization, and the importance of celebrating the differences among your team members.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What Talent Optimization actually is. (1:22)
  • The ‘people plans’ to put in place when considering hiring. (4:20)
  • What people tax is and how to avoid it. (7:10)
  • Why diversity is needed on our teams. (11:00)
  • How to implement this framework to get the results you want. (15:30)
  • The importance of putting well-thought-out people plans in place. (18:05)

Actionable Takeaway for HR Professionals:

  • Demonstrate a business interest—get a hiring manager’s attention by asking questions about how candidates are going to move the business forward. (20:02)

Actionable Takeaway for Executives:

  • Look at the Talent Optimization framework as a leadership framework, not the domain of HR. (22:03)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“{Talent optimization} is all about trying to connect our business strategy with our talent strategy in order to produce optimal business results.” - @mattpoepsel Click To Tweet

“Business success is a team sport.” - @mattpoepsel Click To Tweet

“If you’re going to have different people working together… then you really have to not only understand and appreciate differences—I say you also have to celebrate those differences amongst those team members.” - @mattpoepsel Click To Tweet

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