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BlogRetention Strategies0What Makes Engagement and Retention Projects Different?

Staff engagement and retention is a key strategy in meeting and exceeding organizational goals.  Currently, in Wisconsin, there are 96,774 open positions and 42,940 applicants available according to the Job Center of Wisconsin.  That is over two open positions for every applicant!  Manufacturing and long term care organizations in the state are seeing turnover rates up to 100%.  We are in a market where employees have ample opportunity to see if the grass truly is greener on the other side of town.

So, let’s give them a reason to stay.

Recruit, retain and engage employees based on their passion, mission, profession, and vocation.  All too often employers hire individuals for what they know and fire them for who they are.  By aligning the organizational and job specific needs with the applicant/employees motivators and skill sets, retention increases by as much as 25% per hire when using assessments.  Yes, that increase the coin flip from 50% to 75% according to Drake P3.

What makes engagement and retention projects different?

Engagement and retention projects identify the root cause of what is driving the turnover and implement strategically planned changes over time to shift the culture.

A key difference in what makes these projects different is the distinction of outputs from outcomes.  Outputs, according to Webster, is defined as something produced.  Outcomes, again according to Webster, is defined as something that follows as a result or consequence.  So often organizations focus on the outputs of their engagement efforts.  Yet, for decades these outputs are not producing outcomes that shift the culture and truly engage the employee in the mission and goals of the organization.

Outputs are necessary for outcomes.  Outcomes are created with clear intentions, plans, measurable metrics, and a dedicated leader focused on this effort.  Are you ready to shift from creating outputs that do not generate results to outcomes that engage and retain your staff?

Yes!  Great, comment below on your thoughts and reach out to see how we can partner with you to impact your business.

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